Indeterminate Spaces from Bergson and Badiou – Nomads & Orphans – thoughts for new exhibition – Indeterminate spaces/Nomadism/Swarm Theory as it relates to the dissemination of photos on Instagram


Henri Bergson: Matter and Memory.
Chapter 3: Of The Survival of Images. Matter and Mind.

We prepare ourselves to receive it [our recollection] by adopting the appropriate attitude. Little by little it comes into view like a condensing cloud; from the virtual state it passes into the actual; and as its outlines become more distinct and its surface takes on colour it tends to imitate perception. But it remains attached to the past by its deepest roots… a continuity of becoming, which is the living reality…

Alain Badiou, Philosophy and Truth in Infinite Thought: Truth and the Return of Philosophy
“An event is linked to the notion of the undecidable. The undecideability means a wager has to be made. A truth begins with a groundless decision – the decision to say that an event has taken place.
‘This event has taken place, it is something which I can neither evaluate nor demonstrate, but to which I will be faithful’.
This decision opens up the infinite procedure of verification of the true. This procedure is an exercise of fidelity (an act of faith) it follows a chance-driven course, a course without a concept.
It is a choice confronted by two indiscernible terms. …pure choice, free from any other presupposition than that of having to choose and with no indication marking the proposed terms. Little by little through successive choices the contour of the situation is outlined.”

Peter Hallward, Badiou: A Subject to Truth.
Chapter 5: Subject and Event.

‘The evental site is the place from which radical innovation can take place, innovation beyond the normal means of the situation to interpret classify and forget. Every truth thus proceeds from that point in a situation where all recognizable differences are at their most imperceptible, at that place where there is ‘almost nothing’. Every truth begins in the place that the situation represents as desert or wasteland, a place devoid of what the situation recognises as of value or promise’.

Alain Badiou: ‘It is only by dissipating himself in a project that exceeds himself that an individual can hope to direct himself to some subjective real. The ‘we’ that this project constructs is alone truly real, that is, subjectively real for the individual who carries it. The individual is thus, in his very essence, the nothing that must be dissipated in a we-subject.’


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