The Labyrinth within Corporate Time

Although the weight of Corporate Time can be located within the hubbub of its Consumptive Force, the quiet creative power found within the roots of Production and Distribution are not to be side-lined. Within Corporate Time we often digest production with a passive disregard and in so doing metamorphose the commodity into the Magical Relic: where the totems of Magic are seen as without an examinable origin (what the Portuguese explorers called djou-djou), so too are the most invidious (perfect) commodities – the roots of origin, the realities of Production and Distribution, themselves being made un-examinable, being made spectral. Consumption within Capitalism is the darkest, most potent of sygillistic magic, hanging arches dripping in gold purging the reality from the object so that they may excrete a reality of their own: a perceived socio-economic status generating a perpetual desire of itself. It is this perpetuity of desire, the perfect fetish that is the Labyrinth of Corporate Time.


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