The Labyrinth within Natural Time

The Natural world as I see it now, is indivisible from how it was before and what it will inevitably become. Every living cell vibrates with a memory of each stage of its creation and evolutionary development. Every cell vibrates with a future echo of its own demise.
These memories, these pre-faces and post-faces that weave themselves a non-Euclidean migratory path through Natural Time, demonstrate themselves through a non-linear unveiling of the contradictory, almost Dadaistic actions that colour existence (“People can perform contradictory actions whilst taking a fresh gulp of air” Tristan Tzara, Dada Manifesto, 1918).
Action 1 does not simply precede Action 2 before giving way to A3. Instead Ax is at the same time Aa and An, so that within the Natural World and the Labyrinth of biological development it is possible to be both bestial and civilised at the same time; we are at our evolutionary peak when we are at our most base. “The foundation of development is the sinking sun.”


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