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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016 

Jerwood Drawing Prize has established a reputation for its commitment to championing excellence, and for promoting and celebrating the breadth of contemporary drawing practice within the UK.

“The selected works for Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016 represent a plethora of different idioms and ideas by artists at all stages of their careers, from those at the starting block to the very distinguished. It is remarkable then that, once more, all award winners are connected to current or future education and study. Their works are confident and lively examples of drawing today, fresh in outlook and conception; unafraid to source, mine and examine the historic, spiritual, and visceral imagination through the act of drawing. ” Professor Anita Taylor, Director Jerwood Drawing Prize & Dean of Bath School of Art and Design.

The prestigious First Prize of £8,000 has been awarded to Solveig Settemsdal (b.1984) for her video Singularity, which offers an almost sculptural digital rendering of the transformative and fluid drawing process.

settemsdal_solveig_singularity_crop_flyer-copy-2Solveig Settemsdal, Still from Singularity (detail), white ink in gelatine: video duration: 9:27min, 2016.

Settemsdal, a Norwegian artist based at Spike Island in Bristol, graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2010 and has since been working between sculpture and photography. Settemsdal says of her winning work:Singularity explores a temporal and sculptural process of drawing in a fluid three-dimensional space through the suspension of ink in cubes of gelatine. In constant transformation, the white mineral ink and the biological gelatine lattice initiate a balance between conscious intention and material process.”

(Video: “Singularity” by Solveig Settemsdal)


The Second Prize of £5,000 is awarded to Anna Sofie Jespersen (b.1992) for her ball pen on tracing paper work, Sid in Bathtub. Jespersen, a Danish artist, living and working in London, is currently studying for a Fine Art Degree at Chelsea College of Art. Her prizewinning drawing, which depicts a man lying, fully clothed and smoking, in a bath, is a poetic and tragic work intricate in line and tonality. Jespersen writes of her subject “As I was falling in love with you, you would slowly sink into the parallel dimension where you would become heavy and dense, and slide effortlessly into the void.”


Anna Sofie Jespersen, Sid in Bathtub, ball-pen on tracing paper, 2015.


Two Student Awards of £2,000 each are awarded to Jade Chorkularb (b. 1971) and Amelie Barnathan (b. 1991).

Jade Chorkularb, born in Thailand, now lives and works in London. Holding an MSc in Interactive Multimedia, she is a conceptual artist working in diverse media. Her winning work, That What They Would Do, is a beautifully simple and empathetic video of real-time drawing set over interviews asking people what they would do if they only had an hour left to live. A practicing Buddhist, Chorkularb says of the work, “There are various methods (e.g. prayer, meditation, working on our mind) that will enable us to overcome fear, attachment and other emotions that could arise at the time of death and cause our mind to be disturbed, unpeaceful, and even negative. Preparing for death will enable us to die peacefully, with a clear, positive state of mind.”

chorkularb_jade-copyJade Chorkularb, Still from That What They Would Do, moving image, duration: 5:17min, 2015

(Video: Jade Chorkularb “That What They Would Do”)


Amelie Barnathan, studying for her MA in Visual Communication at the RCA, is an Italian-French illustrator living and working in London. Her large-scale, visceral, surreal, and confrontational drawings traverse the historical and mythical through renderings of dreams and nightmares. The intricate and overlaid narratives that unfold within her work “evoke the ecstatic rituals of the Maenads madwoman of Ancient Greece [and the] processions and Sabbaths of the witches of the Middle Ages.

barnathan_amelie_mg_0164-copy-2Amelie Barnathan, Unsolemn Rituals, watercolour, pen and acrylic ink, 2016.


A total of 61 works by 55 artists were carefully selected for exhibition by the panel;

Glenn Brown, artist; Stephanie Buck, Director, Kupferstich-Kabinett at Staatliche Kunstammlungen Dresden; and Paul Hobson, Director, Modern Art Oxford. The specialist panel saw 2,537 works submitted by 1,408 entrants over a two-day period. The selected artworks, and prizes, represent the selectors’ diversity of understandings and varied insights into contemporary drawing.

The winning artworks will be on display at Jerwood Space, London from 14 September – 23 October 2016, followed by a tour to venues across the UK, including The Edge, Bath (4 November – 16 December 2016), Turnpike Arts Centre, Leigh (14 January – 12 March 2017), and The Gallery, Arts University Bournemouth (30 March – 29 April 2017).

Jerwood Drawing Prize is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK. Supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation through its programme of awards, exhibitions and events, Jerwood Visual Arts, Jerwood Drawing Prize is a unique initiative led by founding Director, Professor Anita Taylor (Dean of Bath School of Art & Design at Bath Spa University). The Prize is committed to championing excellence, and to promoting and celebrating the breadth of contemporary drawing practice, this year including hand drawn, digital and three-dimensional works. In offering emerging, mid-career and established artists a national platform to exhibit their work, the exhibition has established a reputation for developing new insights into the role and value of drawing in artistic practice today.

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All Exhibited Works:



FARINA ALAMDance of the Taliban, Pen and ink drawing on paper, 80 x 80cm , 2015
anthony_nathanNATHAN ANTHONYBlack Friday, Video, duration: 01:03min, 2016   
bacon_rachel_mg_0178RACHEL BACONEmotional Landscape, Graphite on paper, 48 x 64cm, 2016       
barber_jo_mg_0047JO BARBER, Mr Punch, Coloured pencil and gesso on card, 67 x 49cm, 2015      
boyd-whyte_deborahDEBORAH BOYD WHYTEDrawn Thread 15, Graphite on paper, 200 x 150cm, 2015   
bungey_nici_mg_0011NICI BUNGEYRubicund, Crayon on book pages, 28.5 x 33.5 cm, 2016
burraway_caroline_untitled-1CAROLINE BURRAWAYUntitled 18, Charcoal, 130 x 130cm, 2015 
chamberlain_lewis_mg_0096LEWIS CHAMBERLAINPlayhouse, Pencil on paper, 110 x 110cm, 2015
chorpening_kelly_mg_0238KELLY CHORPENINGTried and Found Wanting, Pencil mark on paper mounted to steel, 75 x 68cm, 2016
dawidek_malgorzata_mg_0055MAŁGORZATA DAWIDEKDoubts, Pencil on paper, 94 x 63.5cm,2015    
dawidek_malgorzata_mg_0057MAŁGORZATA DAWIDEKA Wheel of Emotions, Pencil on paper, 94 x 63.5cm,2015  
eagle_james_mg_0060JAMES EAGLE, CaC03 Depositional House – Principal Façade to River Nidd, Pencil on paper,84 x 84cm, 2016    
evju_kristian_mg_0031KRISTIAN EVJUPunchcard, Pencil on paper, 52 x 52cm, 2015
fahey_kate_mg_0141KATE FAHEYCumulative loss II, Digital collage & digital drawing printed on Shio Hara paper, 88 x 132cm, 2015/16
fitzgerald_mike_mg_0033MIKE FITZGERALD, Whippet, Pencil on board, 63.5 x 73.5cm, 2016
foot_gillian_mg_0149GILLIAN FOOT, Sign, Pencil on Heritage 100 paper, 114 x 83cm, 2016     
fry_christopher_26_7_15_3346_2-copyCHRISTOPHER FRY, Manual Assembly, Video, computer programme made with processing, 2016   
gardner_david_mg_0166DAVID GARDNER, Untitled, Pencil on paper, 120 x 126.5cm, 2016 
gilmore_susan_mg_0045SUE GILMORETrace Drawing: Salix Candida,Charcoal dust on paper, 83 x 63cm, 2016
gregory_gill_mg_0130GILL GREGORYOil Black,, Washi tape, pen on paper, 41 x 148.5cm, 2016
grellier_nicola_mg_0048NICOLA GRELLIERBird Girl, Charcoal on paper, 110 x 63cm, 2016
grellier_nicola_mg_0049NICOLA GRELLIER, Girl in a Red Dress, Charcoal on paper, 110 x 63cm, 2016  
grellier_nicola_mg_0050NICOLA GRELLIERSnow Boy, Charcoal on paper, 110 x 75cm, 2016
hancock_heather_mg_0079HEATHER HANCOCKDancing frogs, Felt pen, 106 x 74.5cm, 2016    
hancock_heather_mg_0082HEATHER HANCOCK, Blue Rabbit, Ink, acrylic and collage, 106 x 74.5cm, 2016
hancock_michaelMICHAEL HANCOCK, Allotment 3, Conte crayon, pastel and ink, 106 x 74cm, 2016   
hutton_juliaJULIA HUTTONBurning light, the Heat of the day, Burnt line drawing on paper, 47 x 47cm, 2015     
ingram_bruce_mg_0007BRUCE INGRAMStudio Drift, Cardboard box, paper, string and map pins, 47 x 39cm, 2015     
ADRIANA IONASCULandscape,3D scan in ‘Sense’ programme, print, 60 x 43cm, 2016     
LOTTIE JACKSON-EELESImagery imaginary, volume 6, Mixed media concertina book, 9 x 180cm, 2016
johnson_ben_mg_0093BEN JOHNSONSuperterminal, Ink on polyester drafting film, 135 x 78cm, 2016   
jones_helen_mg_0197HELEN JONESFormation, Black pastel on tracing paper, 180 x 83cm, 2015 
kim_taeyeon_mg_0015TAE YEON KIM, Metamorphosis Series, No.4, Print on paper,36 x 25cm, 2016
little_samuel_mg_0064little_samuel_mg_0066little_samuel_mg_0069SAMUEL LITTLE, Order no.1, no.2, no.3 (Triptych), Graphite on paper, 59.4 x 84.1cm, 2016
lunn_jude_mg_0051JUDE LUNNDrawing without a name, Charcoal, 100 x 70cm, 2015  
mccarthy_pennyPENNY MCCARTHYOn the production of thought, Pencil on paper, 76 x 106cm, 2015/16  
mcgovern_shonaSHONA MCGOVERNUntitled 2, Charcoal on newsprint, 85 x 64cm, 2016  
mcvetis_richard_mg_0020RICHARD MCVETIS, Rectangle, Ink on paper, 24 x 18cm, 2016
mcvetis_richard_mg_0026RICHARD MCVETISSquare, Ink on paper, 18 x 14cm, 2016             
morgan_catrinCATRIN MORGANCounting Primes, Pencil, 58 x 33cm, 2016      
morgan_eleanor_mg_0018ELEANOR MORGANThe threads that touch, Photogram, 27 x 27cm, 2015
morris_craig_mg_0001CRAIG MORRIS, Show me no kindness, Collage transfer, graphite and gesso, 61 x 51cm, 2016
piper_marionMARION PIPERRepeat copier (Black/20), Pencil and gouache, 212 x 120.3cm, 2016 
poulin-wolff_messua_mg_0219MESSUA POULIN-WOLFF125, Ink on canvas, avocado dye and dust, 240 x 160cm, 2016             
reed_tyler_mg_0040TYLER REEDModern Soul, Compressed charcoal, pencil and oil, 91 x 61cm, 2015   
reed_tyler_mg_0042TYLER REED, Timeless, Compressed charcoal, pencil and oil, 91 x 61cm, 2015   
salan_raji_mg_0002RAJI SALANPortrait of a young man, Felt tip pens on white gesso primed board, 52 x 43cm, 2015
samuel_anneANNIE SAMUELInternal dialogue of childhood memory, Longniddry beech, Pastel and pencil, 60 x 80cm, 2016
simpson_martyn_mg_0118MARTYN SIMPSONSharpie Grisaille: Vertical Long Thin, Marker pen and correction fluid, 152 x 52cm, 2016
thomas_helen_mg_0171HELEN THOMASEight Day Draw No. 1, Graphite on paper, 150 x 238cm, 2016
tole_kevin_mg_0085KEVIN TOLEThe Tree that’s not the Tree from the Tree, Beech charcoal, carbon, conte, 59 x 84cm, 2016     
treherne_thomas_untitled_panorama1THOMAS TREHERNEMan photographing Stars, Charcoal on paper, 110 x 141cm, 2015
tsuji_kazua_mg_0127KAZUYA TSUJISolid I, Graphite on board, 6 x 20 x 10cm, 2015
vandana_mg_0211VANDANA, City of London, Cotton cloth and thread, 110 x 140cm, 2016
winthrop_david_mg_0005DAVID WINTHROPTen Arches, Graphite, 49 x 36.5cm, 2015
yu_aishan_mg_0036AISHAN YUUntitled, Pencil and acrylic on card,72 x 65cm, 2016






































































































A Wheel of Emotions


Pencil on paper

94 x 63.5cm















Copyright: Jerwood Drawing Prize, Colin Mills and Hydar Dewachi

Exhibition Information

Title: Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016
Dates: 14 September–23 October 2016
Address: Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN
Opening Times: Mon–Fri from 10am–5pm, Sat & Sun from 10am–3pm
Admission: Free
Nearest Tube: Southwark, London Bridge or Borough
Website: www.jerwoodvisualarts.org
Twitter: #JDP16 @JerwoodJVA

Jerwood Visual Arts will host a series of evening events to accompany the exhibition. Events are free but must be booked in advance, for more information please visit http://www.jerwoodvisualarts.org



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